What Can Your Body Do For You?

WHAT IF … You have never seen a car before and, all of a sudden, you find yourself in the driver’s seat of a vehicle moving at 60 M.P.H.?  Wouldn’t you have feelings of panic and alarm? “Whoa! Where am I?  What are all these knobs and dials in front of me?  What is this wheel thing?  What are these lumps sticking out of the floor?  Why is the world going past me so fast?  Where am I going?  What is this belt across my lap and shoulders?  I feel so constricted! and trapped!  How do I get out of here?!?!”

That’s sort of what happens when we are born.  We are spiritual beings who suddenly find ourselves in unfamiliar, strange vehicles –– our physical bodies.  We feel constricted and limited, and we don’t understand the amazing things our bodies can do. By now we’ve learned that we have to stay in the car for a while.  We’ve even partially learned, by trial and error, to drive.  But we are not making the most of this opportunity because we still don’t fully understand how to operate our vehicles.  And sometimes we run into trouble.

Ninety nine percent of us were not taught to appreciate or understand the power, abilities, and beauty of the vehicle we are using. And we have been so busy trying to survive the drive, we haven’t enjoyed the experience of the ride. We don’t dare look out at the scenery, and we haven’t even had a chance to consider where we are going! Now, many of us, are asking, “Isn’t there something more to life? How can I make the most of this life experience?”

We are, indeed, spiritual beings living, for a short time, in amazing vehicles –– our physical bodies. My favorite operating manual is the IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® Training.  In IEH we explore how our spiritual and physical selves work together to create wholeness and well being. And in the process, we  move from a gray existence into a world of color and possibility!

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Is it time to be friends with your body? What does your body want to say to you now?

What would happen if you paused for 60 seconds right now and asked?

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”– Attributed to many spiritual leaders

About catherine

You know how so many people are feeling so much stress and anxiety these days? They may be confused by difficult emotions or unconscious beliefs that get in their way. They may want some help, but not know what to do. Well, Catherine teaches people some simple energy techniques for clearing away their obstacles and giving their own Inner Physician and Wise Mind the space and opportunity to take care of them. Catherine created IEH Intuitive Energy Healing®, a unique two year training for personal transformation and spiritual development. Her Intuitive Healing Drawings and Guided Mediations are sold nationwide. And her forthcoming book, Foundation Magic - The 7 Keys to Energy Mastery, will be published this spring. As a graduate of Psychic Horizons, San Francisco and Director of Souls' Garden, a Spiritual Community of Co-Creation in Tustin CA, Catherine continues to lead others to freedom by teaching them to hear, trust, and act on the guidance and information from their own Higher Selves and the wisdom of their Hearts.
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