Welcome to 24/7 Healing Art Community

I am glad you have joined our 24/7 Healing Art Community.

Please follow these steps to get your drawing for July 2012

1. Go to www.intuitivehealingart.com
2. On the Home page click the tab for 24/7 Healing Art
3. When the menu drops down click on: July 2012 – My Truth
4. When asked, type in your Case Sensitive Password: TRUTH

Be sure to bookmark your page so you can return to it easily.

Start right now!

See your way clearly and know your next step!
Experience your true connection to Unconditional Love!
Feel safe and totally supported!

To get the most from your drawing this month:

Listen to the guided meditation to make your heart connection to your drawing.

Post your drawing and glance at it often!

Each drawing contains embedded patterns, holographic information, and frequencies of Love and Light.

Use your drawing to program yourself for Highest Good simply by looking at it every day, or contemplating it.

See what happens when you look at your drawing
just before going to sleep …

And do let me know how you are doing.

Need help? Want to share an interesting experience?

write to me: Catherine@CatherineMorris.com

Learn more at: IntuitiveHealingArt.com


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