Top 10 Reasons for Not Meditating

We all have heard about the benefits of meditating. Most of us even believe that we would feel better if we did. But for some reason we just don’t seem to get around to meditating.

What are your favorite reasons for not meditating?

Here are some popular ones from my students:

+ I don’t like anything new or different.
+ It’s boring.
+ It’s too complicated.
+ None of my friends do it.
+ I don’t like my pain, but it is an old friend. I would miss it.
+ I would have to deal with new abilities and/or successes.
+ I would lose some good topics for complaints.
+ I am addicted to drama.
+ I don’t have time.
+ I might have to speak up for myself.
+ I might have to change my attitudes and beliefs.
+ If I sit still I might not get started again.
+ I can’t let go of my tension, it’s what holds me together.

Do any of these sound familiar?

The best way to overcome our favorite excuses is to practice with a group of friends. I have a Teleclass coming up soon in June that will be a “user friendly” opportunity to make meditating a comfortable habit.

Click here to read more about the Meditation Teleclass.

About catherine

You know how so many people are feeling so much stress and anxiety these days? They may be confused by difficult emotions or unconscious beliefs that get in their way. They may want some help, but not know what to do. Well, Catherine teaches people some simple energy techniques for clearing away their obstacles and giving their own Inner Physician and Wise Mind the space and opportunity to take care of them. Catherine created IEH Intuitive Energy Healing®, a unique two year training for personal transformation and spiritual development. Her Intuitive Healing Drawings and Guided Mediations are sold nationwide. And her forthcoming book, Foundation Magic - The 7 Keys to Energy Mastery, will be published this spring. As a graduate of Psychic Horizons, San Francisco and Director of Souls' Garden, a Spiritual Community of Co-Creation in Tustin CA, Catherine continues to lead others to freedom by teaching them to hear, trust, and act on the guidance and information from their own Higher Selves and the wisdom of their Hearts.
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One Response to Top 10 Reasons for Not Meditating

  1. Catherine —

    A lot of those “excuses” are so subconscious that we may or may not realize we have them. Thanks for shining some light on them.

    For me, meditation has often come “wrapped” in Eastern religion and was not something I wanted to participate in because of my own religious beliefs. I was not into chanting names of deities that I didn’t believe in or other rituals that I found to be in conflict with my own.

    However, it is something I wish to learn more about and have found your guidance very helpful. You’ve made me realize that I can customize it to me so that it fully supports what I believe and want most. Thank you for your gentle, guiding hand and encouragement!


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