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LIFE PATH – An Excellent Meditation for Receiving Guidance for Personal and Spiritual Growth  22 minutes

Life Path is a powerful meditation for your own personal guidance and spiritual growth. In my five month Psychic Development Course the Life Path Protocol™ is the absolute favorite of my students. The information comes so easily using this format and it is extremely accurate.

For your personal use, I recommend that you sit with your back straight and supported. Create a space that is quiet and a time when you will not be interrupted. If you prefer to sit on the floor, on a cushion, or on your bed with your legs out straight or crossed, you may. You may also listen to the Meditation lying down, but you may fall asleep.

Have pen and paper beside you. Before you begin, write down your area of interest or concern. During the meditation there will be two long pauses (with music) for receiving your guidance and making notes.

For each object you come to on the path, describe it to yourself (size, color, material made of, condition, age, if it is alive-what is it doing?, etc.) and how you interact with it.

After the meditation, sit in stillness and allow the new energy and information to settle in. Then write in your journal or notebook what you experienced. As you write, new information may come to you. Ask your Higher Self or Wise Mind for additional understanding and take some time to listen.

Every aspect of the Life Path is a metaphor for real life.

For example, THE PATH:

When you are ready to begin your meditation, imagine that you are standing on or moving along a path. Use your imagination to get a sense of the path. The path represents how you are moving through life at this time. Is the path narrow or wide, straight or winding? Are there obstacles? Is the path going uphill or downhill? Sharply or gently? Are you moving easily, slowly, deliberately, quickly, or struggling? Is the path smooth or are there obstacles in the way?

Allow yourself to just imagine or pretend what the path is like. Allow your inner knowing to form the awareness. Let yourself be the observer, noticing the scene. Describe the scene and then ask your Highest Self or Wise Mind to interpret the images.

For example: You may say, “I am walking on a path that is smooth, soft dirt and I am barefoot and enjoying the feel of the ground. There are a lot of signposts by the side of the path showing me the way. I am at a fork in the path and I am deciding which way to go.” After you describe what you see, ask your guidance to help you interpret the picture. It may mean that you have a natural ability to ground with the earth, that you have and are receiving guidance for the direction of your life path, and that you are, at this moment, needing to make a major life choice. You may even be able to see what is on the signs at the fork in the path.

Another example: You may say, “I see I am on a path that is bordered on both sides by high walls and hedges. They are attractive and well kept. The path is smoothly paved and straight. Within the walls and hedges there are occasional rest stops.” Your guidance may suggest that this means that you go through life with a focus that doesn’t allow for distractions. This path may suggest determination and maybe a preference for no surprises. The rest stops may suggest that you care for your body with rest that is carefully, periodically scheduled.

You may use the Life Path as often as you wish. Enjoy the journey!

ORIGINAL MUSIC composed for Life Path is by Dave Beyer, ©2009
Dave Beyer is an in-demand composer, producer, and percussionist. In his Los Angeles-based studio, Dave has worked with Melissa Etheridge, Gregg Allman, Christopher Cross and many others. He puts his heart and soul into every project, as you will notice while listening to this meditation.

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