Spiritual Retreats

Journey Thru Transformation – A Spiritual Retreat
Presented by Catherine and Jade Elizabeth (www.journeythrutransformation.com)

Release Your Old Burdens & Shine!

Treat yourself to a delicious day of vibrational healing! Bring your pillows and blankets and relax on comfortable air mattresses. During this full day of guided meditations by Catherine and Jade, you will be receiving the energy healing of Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and IEH Intuitive Energy Healing®. The room is activated with a powerful Feng Shui treatment and with Sound Therapy music. If you choose to use them, you may enhance your experience with the use of crystals and aroma therapy which are provided.

As you move through profound energy shifts, you will have time to journal and record your insights and experiences. With each Spiritual Retreat you attend, your process will become deeper and more profound. Each Retreat incorporates vibrations that are designed to take you to your next level. Relax and enjoy yourself as we lead you through:

  • Removing energy blocks, negative entities, vows, curses, devices, and past life cellular memories
  • Retrieving and reintegrating any lost aspects of your Soul throughout time and space
  • Understanding and experiencing the Power of Vibrational Oneness
  • Embodying a higher frequency of light to move you forward on your chosen path

Are you ready to respond NOW to your Inner Voice and SHINE? If so, come join us.

Thank you so much for putting together the Spiritual Retreat I attended in January. It was really a wonderful experience.You just did everything beautifully, from the air mattresses, that were more comfortable than some hotel beds I’ve been in, to the music and yummy snacks. And not to mention your very sweet, peaceful selves. I am so glad and happy that I went, and can’t wait to see and experience how you develop it in the future. Thanks again and take care! – Amy Lozano, January 2007

I enjoyed myself so much yesterday. The guided meditations helped me relax and get in touch with my Higher Self. I was able to do some inner work that I had been avoiding for some time. I felt as though I went on a mini-vacation. – Phyllis Martin, September 2006

I think the Spiritual Retreat was absolutely wonderful and a resounding success. Just bringing together that many people, all of like mind, for the same purpose was wonderful in itself. Even before the Retreat started, you could feel the heightened energy in the room Everyone was so friendly, happy, and cheerful. The other thing I wanted to mention was the fact that everyone was watched carefully and tended to, if they had an emotional release. So there was lots of personal attention. I think you definitely need to have more retreats in the future because it was so successful. – Margaret Mc Cormick, September 2006

I gave you an AA++. Lovely, Lovely Day. Thank you! The location was perfect ––very few distractions, airy, just cool enough –– not too many people so I could “feel” my own experience, yet share at times. The overall experience was a profound set of healing, inspiring, empowering Journeys with tools and assists and gifts from the spiritual realm that I greedily and joyfully am taking with me. And just enough information on future classes and CDs for more stimulation of soul learning. Food was a nice treat, too. Many Thanks. – Beth Caswell, June 2007

This is such wonderful transformation work. You opened us to new levels while supporting us and protecting us. It’s always a challenge to try to wrap words around momentous events. Maybe a list helps:

  • Opening my heart chakra –– broke through obstacles and led to new understandings
  • Cleansing from the violet fire. I’m reading “The Divine Matrix” and this added extra power and enthusiasm to rid myself of soooo much old, old stuff.
  • My shadow side and I have a new peaceful and caring relationship.
  • My Akashic guide helped me hear my new mantra: “love, forgive, heal and move forward.” I have a path.
  • And gifts from the cave include a lovely tall walking staff, a soft white linen robe, a chalice for health, a golden nugget, and a key. (It’s an old brass key that I will need.)
  • Thank you also for the gifts of people of like souls, the high energy, and the transformation. – Karyn Mazo, June 2007

I liked the sequence of meditations and the change between the two presenters. I enjoyed experiencing the crystals. The positive support was much appreciated. This was a wonderful, peaceful journey for the spirit. Loved the meditations! – Eileen Downey, June 2007

The spiritual retreat was wonderful! The meditations were well thought out and their order was well planned out between uplifting, soul searching, releasing the old, and embracing the new. The music fit each meditation perfectly. Jade and Catherine worked well together as a team along with their great helpers. I would definitely return for another retreat in the future. – Sharrin Casler, June 2007

What I experienced was a great transformation. I feel like I am reborn again and baptized or cleansed. My mind has no thoughts, like it was a computer being emptied out to take in new information. I notice my eyes see differently. They are more open to notice things. I feel a wholeness with myself, new peace, loving me, myself. I wish to thank you, Jade and Catherine, for the time you gave me. – Donna Romero, June 2007

“Journey Thru Transformation” was way more than I ever expected. It was exactly the healing I’ve been asking for help with, but more than I thought could be achieved in one day. Powerful in one word. This retreat helped me release many issues that I’ve been meditating and working on myself for years. I feel cleansed of so much. Thank you Jade and Catherine. This was exactly what I needed. Keep it up! – Josslyn Streett, June 2007