In-Person Healing Sessions

What is a session like?

For the first part of the session, you will be talking with me in normal conversation. Together we will clarify the focus of the session and which modalities you prefer to use. Then I will guide you into a state of deep relaxation.

You may choose to be seated in a chair. Or you may relax on a massage table, remaining comfortably clothed, only removing your shoes. You may choose to have a light covering.

The lighting is subdued and soft music plays in the background. This part of the session usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes.

After the energy work is completed, we take a few minutes for you to share your experience and/or ask questions, have a drink of water, and be sure you are grounded and ready to return to the rest of your day –– relaxed, renewed, and refreshed!

What People Say

“…laying upon of hands,” what a wonderful image for love. The earliest Christian tradition included the gift of prayerful, healing touch … Give yourself the gift of love and healing; perhaps you will arise, like I did, with a feeling of rest and wholeness, of having been truly cared for … and a renewed sense of our common spiritual vocation, to touch and heal one-another.
– Rev. Don Baldwin

The best treatment I’ve ever had on my feet was the hands-on energy work I received from Catherine. I was free of pain that I’ve been carrying for years. Thank you!
– Noëlle

I came to Catherine to do spiritual work, and I threw in a couple of physical requests. I wanted to decrease a drug that I take daily and I wanted to stop the onset of Grave’s Disease. My drug dosage was cut by 1/3, and my thyroid tests are now normal. With Catherine’s help, I received great gifts of healing – spiritually, emotionally and physically.
– Maureen Rodriguez.

Until a debilitating condition stopped me, I had never been open to Catherine’s form of healing. Over the period of time she worked with me, the pain my neurosurgeon said I would always feel disappeared, and I’ve learned to meditate my stress away.
– Ron Laverty

What does a session cost?

A one and a half hour session is $175.

You may purchase a subscription of four sessions for $500, a savings of $100