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What is an Intuitive Energy Drawing?

Your drawing is a reflection of your own energy patterns! The main thing that your energy field is working on will show up in your drawing.

You may request one that assists you in your present growth, or one for the energy pattern of something you wish to create, such as abundance, relationship, health, etc.

The images may be symbolic or abstract. The colors resonate with your physical body and give support and balance to your ever flowing energies.

Every color is a unique vibration. Each vibration enters your body through your eyes and stimulates healing within your body and energy system. Your drawing is like a prescription from your Higher Self for your own greatest good!

I am a clairvoyant healer and as I create your drawing, you receive a healing, which continues as you look at your picture. Keep it where you can see it often to amplify your healing process.

As I draw, I also receive psychic information about the meaning of the drawing. If you are not present, I will include two written pages of information with your drawing.

At first it will feel good to look at your picture. When you are tired of your drawing, you will have completed this particular growth phase. It is time for another drawing! Congratulations!

Samples of Drawings


I did this drawing to affirm abundance. At first, I thought it would be a Spirit Sun shining beautiful golden light on a flower, representing a person receiving abundance. But the picture shifted as I drew, which is not unusual. What I see in this drawing is two flowers – two living beings. And the abundance comes from the loving interaction between them!

New Baby

New Baby
This was drawn for a baby one month before he was born. The blue star represents the baby and the bells are for the special resonance and wisdom he is bringing with him. I was surprised to see the second star, which is for his older sister! Evidently they have a special contract to help each other in this lifetime. I learned later that their mother had been hoping they would be close!

Life Change

Life Change
This picture shows a major shift in focus – adding relationship and service to an ability to work creatively with ideas. The lines of diamonds represent new groups of people who are being welcomed and drawn into this man’s life.

What People Say

Ten months after Catherine painted a Mayan shaped pyramid for me, I discovered the significance of my lifetime(s) within the Mayan culture. In three months I will visit the Yucatan and Guatemala to reacquaint myself with these sacred and beloved temples.
– Bob Dinga

When [Catherine] presented the picture to me, I was touched to tears and struck by its ability to reflect so much of my spiritual aspiration. I was reminded that my life has been an on-going process of preparation for this time in my life. Right in the center was a near duplicate of a drawing I had done in High School. (I’m now 56.) As I meditate on the drawing, I find I am more committed than ever to my chosen task as “light bearer”.
– Shirley Stan

Catherine’s art work is such a gift. A true glimpse of the inner dimensions. My picture was somewhat dramatic and it took me some time to understand the depth of its message. However, as soon as my two year old daughter saw this abstract image she exclaimed, “Oh, a picture of Mommy!”
– Debra Varnum

What does a Drawing cost?

Each drawing is 5″ x 7″. I use pastels and colored pencils.

A private 1 hour session in person is $150.00.

A distance drawing is $175. (Price includes tax and shipping.) You will receive two pages of information on what the different aspects of the drawing represent. I only need your name to do the drawing. You may also request a drawing as a gift for another person.

To order a Drawing:

please email me at
or phone me at
Located in Orange County, California