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Psychic Development is also for healers, coaches, counselors, and therapists. With a simple reading you will find your client’s key challenge, the blocks behind that challenge, and a new point of view available for your client.

It is for all people who are looking for greater spirituality, peace, and joy in their lives. We are all moving through times of crisis and amazing changes. Psychic Development gives you the tools to access your highest guidance and make choices with confidence.

What do I know? How do I know it?
Am I psychic? What do I do when strange things happen?  Are you psychic? Yes! Everyone is. Do know how to use your intuition in positive and helpful ways? This course guides you step by step through the learning process.

Using your Psychic Ability (Intuition) is about receiving extra-sensory information AND knowing what it means.

With this course of 20 classes, you will:

  • Find new joy and purpose in your life,
  • Discover new solutions to old problems,  
  • Create something even better for yourself, and
  • Experience less stress and more peace in your life.

Psychic Development Teleclass / Wednesdays, 1:00 – 2:30 pm PST

All classes recorded.

Includes Foundation Meditation download and a 50 page e-manual.

I would recommend this class to anyone who has ever been interested in learning more about their intuition ability. You learn fun, new ways to open yourself up spiritually as well as give in-depth readings for others and connect with a special core group of people. – Brandi Knox, July 2008

20 classes, Jan 4 – May 16
Part 1 – Intuition Basics (4 weeks)
Part 2 – Reading Chakras (4 weeks)
Part 3 – Reading Relationships (4 weeks)
Part 4 – Reading with the Life Path Protocol™ (4 weeks)
Part 5 – Reading From the Akashic Records (4 weeks) 

Teleclass Enrollment

Full Course, $249Early Bird Special Before December 31, $197
Or 5 payments of $59

This series covers the same basic material as the 2011 series, but each class always has additional information we may not have covered before. In each class, new questions are asked and new experiences are shared.

I liked learning different ways to do readings, since I’m sure no one way will work best all the time. This was a wonderful experience. I feel like the people in the class and I are a family. I would consider taking the class again and I recommend it to others. – Bob Luckey, July 2008

In the readings, I amazed myself everytime I got something right – like a kid in a candy store. A wonderful class! It very much opened my eyes to things I thought I never had or I thought were only natural for everyone else. Thank you Catherine for showing me another aspect of myself and helping me believe in myself. – Laila  April 2006

Catherine is a graduate of Psychic Horizons, San Francisco. She is founder of IEH Intuitive Energy Healing®, author of the forthcoming book Foundation Magic, The Seven Keys to Energy Mastery, and Director of The Souls’ Garden in Tustin CA, A Spiritual Community of Co-Creation. Since 1989 she has been giving private sessions and teaching classes in Personal Transformation and Spiritual Growth.

Catherine, I’m so grateful to have found such a wonderful teacher. Since taking your Psychic Development Teleclass series on Akashic Records, Life Path Readings and Intuition so many wonderful things have opened up for me. You are a great teacher. I am so blessed to know you! – Molly Friedenfeld, Violet Wisdom Radio, December 2011

I learned that I really can do it! Wow! Your wonderful non-judgmental style allows for each person’s input. I learned from the group as well as from you – a good combo. Thank you. Thank you. – Janet, April 2006

Questions? Please contact Catherine

About catherine

You know how so many people are feeling so much stress and anxiety these days? They may be confused by difficult emotions or unconscious beliefs that get in their way. They may want some help, but not know what to do. Well, Catherine teaches people some simple energy techniques for clearing away their obstacles and giving their own Inner Physician and Wise Mind the space and opportunity to take care of them. Catherine created IEH Intuitive Energy Healing®, a unique two year training for personal transformation and spiritual development. Her Intuitive Healing Drawings and Guided Mediations are sold nationwide. And her forthcoming book, Foundation Magic - The 7 Keys to Energy Mastery, will be published this spring. As a graduate of Psychic Horizons, San Francisco and Director of Souls' Garden, a Spiritual Community of Co-Creation in Tustin CA, Catherine continues to lead others to freedom by teaching them to hear, trust, and act on the guidance and information from their own Higher Selves and the wisdom of their Hearts.
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