How Can I Be More Effective?

Call in Your Personal Energy

Calling in your personal energy allows you to be fully here now (100% present in your physical body), and totally empowered, with all your resources available to create the reality you choose. At this time on the Earth plane, with the pressures of daily life, most of us find that we need to call in our personal energy frequently thoughout the day.

We leave traces of our personal energy wherever we go.

Are you ever tired after a trip or a phone conversation? Wherever you go on the earth plane, you leave behind a trace of your energy, like an after-image or a trail of sparkle dust. And whenever you communicate with someone, you send some of your energy with the communication. You also send some of your energy to everything you think about, look at, and everything to which you give your attention, including the past and the future.

Stress and trauma can also cause us to not be present in our bodies.    

How often have we come home from a busy day and thought to ourselves, or said out loud, “I just need a moment to pull myself together!” Or you may recall a time when you noticed a person was very upset and someone commented, “She’s just beside herself!” These are examples of stress causing a person to not be fully present in his or her physical body.

Ruth Ruiz tells me that when she calls in her personal energy, she can actually feel her body get stronger. She says, “I now know that I used to walk through life giving my energy away to everyone I cared about. My physical, mental and spiritual banks were constantly being depleted and there was a nagging constant hunger that I was filling with food. Now I call my energy back to me every day and I feel full and satisfied. As a result, I am slowly losing weight!”

Use the Golden Magnet to visualize calling in your personal energy:

To call your personal energy back to you, you might imagine a Personal Golden Magnet just above your head. Your magnet attracts only your personal energy, brings it back into your energy field, and drops it into your physical body. It moves to your center, wherever you know your center to be.
By simply holding the intention of using the Golden Magnet, your Personal Energy will strengthen. You will notice that you feel fuller, more energized, and more present.

Do this every night and every morning:

1.    Breathe slowly, deeply, and quietly. Now, with each deep intake of breath, call your energy back into your body.
2.    Feel your energy coming into your center, wherever you feel that to be in your body.
3.    Feel yourself becoming stronger and fuller and more present. Feel re-energized.

Call your energy in from all the places your physical body has gone.

Examples are: home, work, driving, travel, errands, meetings, playtime, etc. The Golden Magnet is really useful during and after computer work. Andy Spyros, owner of Handmade Galleries LA, writes, “I often feel frazzled when I am on the computer a lot. I find if I call in my personal energy, I feel more calm and I am more productive.” When you travel, you can relieve fatigue or jet lag by calling yourself in. This is also good to do after attending a large event like a concert or sports event.

Call your energy in after all forms of communication.  

Examples are: in-person, phone, texting, email, internet, telepathy, dreamtime, etc. Call your energy in after being with any group of people, like a family gathering, a class, a party, or a business meeting. Shoal, a gifted artist, tells me that she calls in her Personal Energy after any situation where she feels either drained by the needs of others or simply overwhelmed by the collective energy of others. “This technique helps me feel complete and all-together.”

Call in your thoughts, particularly through time.

Examples are: past memories good and bad, future plans or worries, imagination, daydreams, etc. Bob Luckey says, “I use this when I feel disconnected or out of sorts. The calling in of my personal energy brings me back into alignment with the world.”

Call in your energy several times a day.

Jade Elizabeth reminds me, “When I call in my personal energy, I feel more present and my thoughts become much clearer. The decisions I make are better because I am the only one that is influencing them.”

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