How is IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® different from Reiki?

IEH and Reiki are compatible and enhance and support each other. Here are some differences between them.

Reiki is Divinely Guided Life Force Energy, which most people experience as coming from the Higher Realms. It is guided and supported by a group of Light Beings which people know as their “Reiki Guides.” IEH Healing Energy is three unique frequencies that work together or separately depending on the situation:

  1. the Creative energy from Earth
  2. the Transformational/Alchemical energy of the Heart
  3. the energy of Light from the Higher Realms

IEH is also guided by a group of Light Beings. The main one that communicates with me is St. Germain. But I am also aware of Sananda (Jesus), Lord Ashtar, Quan Yin, Archangel Michael, and Mother Mary. My students are aware of other Light Beings who work with them.

In the beginning IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® class, students do not receive an attunement as in Reiki. Rather, the IEH energy is channeled to them through the instructor during the whole class. The energy centers responsible for running the three frequencies are activated for IEH. During all succeeding classes IEH is channeled to the students who then receive a healing simply by sitting in class. Only when someone is learning to be an IEH teacher does he or she receive an attunement, similar to a Reiki attunement. This provides that the teacher can channel the IEH energy during every class.

IEH is a co-creative healing system. An IEH practitioner is not simply an open channel for healing energy, but she or he is actively working with the IEH Spiritual Energies. So her or his psychic center (6th chakra) and Higher Self (an energy center above the head) are activated and developed so that she or he brings his or her own Light Presence to the healing, using clairvoyant healing and visualization, working with the Light Beings and the healing energy frequencies. Students learn to discern between an “opinion” coming from their personality or ego and a “knowing” coming from the Wisest Part of Their Mind (Higher Self).

In the beginning class every IEH student is directly connected to two Healing Masters, one in each hand. These are Light Beings who are always present and available to the student. They take an active part in every healing session, guiding the practitioner’s hands and doing additional healing beyond what the practitioner is doing.

IEH is a Spiritual Growth Course as well as a Healing System. So although the beginning class is taught in one day, just like a Reiki I class, the total course takes 15 months.

  • Level 1(Beginning) – 1 month
  • Level 2 (Intermediate) – 6 months
  • Level 3 (Advanced) – 4 months
  • Master/Teacher – 4 months

Usually students take a one day class once a month or weekly classes of about 3 hours per class. This is because the profound transformation that each student experiences requires time to integrate.

IEH is very practical. The lessons are clear and can be applied to daily life. The challenge for many of us is how to merge our spiritual growth with the necessities of daily life. IEH answers this challenge for me and for my students.

And finally, I would say that IEH stresses and teaches the importance of each person having access to and a conscious awareness of their own highest information, not depending on others, not what is written in books or spoken by “experts,” not even from Guides and Angels, but on their own active, clear, communication with their own Higher Self.

Please visit Classes/IEH Intuitive Energy Healing® for more detailed descriptions of the different IEH Levels and comments from my students.