What is “Healing”?

I define healing as creating positive change for Greatest Good in alignment with your Divine Purpose. I don’t do the healing. Your own Inner Physician makes the changes at whatever level is necessary — physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. My part in a healing session is to create a safe space, clear away any energies that may be blocking a healing, and to give your additional energy and information which can be used to create change.

So a healing may look like the total disappearance of an illness, or an illness may go into remission, or you may move through some important spiritual growth. Sometimes a healing needs to progress slowly over time and sometimes it happens quickly. Spontaneous healing does occasionally happen, but as Andrew Weil, M.D. says, it often comes after a lot of growth and change, sometimes unseen. I believe that miracles are normal healing events that are based on the Universal Principles of energy. They simply have happened faster or in a way that we have yet to understand.