Eliminate Pain and Suffering?

By breathing Love into our Heart Center we come to to know again the absolute connection we have with our Divine Creator Source.

Through time humans have come to believe in the illusion that we are separate from our Divine Source. For many lifetimes we have been taught to rely on our five senses to perceive and understand our reality. As a result, most of us, most of the time, have been unaware of the spiritual (unseen) aspect of reality. Without that awareness, we have been unable to consciously experience our connection with our Loving, Divine Source of Life. We, therefore, have felt alone, abandoned, and isolated. Feelings like this give rise to fear, anger, guilt, grief, and pain. And these feelings, in turn, experienced over and over and held in our bodies have created the imbalances that cause much of our disease, pain, and suffering.

As we meditate daily, we become aware that Divine Love is constantly filling, surrounding, and guiding us, and that it is always with us and has never left us. With this realization, we are able to release the stress and fear that have contributed to our disease, pain, and/or suffering. It may be that the reason energy healing works is that as the practitioner channels Universal Life Energy (Love) to the client, the client begins to recognize her or his own personal connection to Divine Life Energy (Love) and a new balance is created.

For Jade Elizabeth, breathing her Heartlight has allowed her to experience the opening of her heart in a different way. She says, “I feel the love from God as it fills me, which allows me to better love myself. I am then better able to send out this love ten-fold.”

Healing is about deprogramming the Illusion of Separation.

We have to remind ourselves over and over that our connection to Love is real and never ending. If there is a magical cure for all illness and disease, it may be learning to feel that connection and to be fully and continuously one with our Divine Source, by consciously breathing Love in our Heart Center!

Ruth writes, “The Heartlight is my way of consciously receiving God’s love. It is so powerful that it has made me weep with joy and gratitude. I remember in the beginning, how Catherine would tell us to breathe love in, then breathe love out and share it with others. It took me months to breathe love out. I realized right away that I had not let love in for a very long time and I decided I would not, could not, share any of it until I felt that my cup was full. Now, of course, I have enough to share with the entire world.”

Why activate your heartlight?

Heartlight provides the love and energy
that make life possible and worthwhile.
It is your source of transformational energy, balance, and healing.

Heartlight enables us to be in affinity with
all living beings and the natural world.

Excerpt from Catherine’s book, Foundation Magic

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