Working as a Professional Reader, Healer, or Coach

Is Your Inner Voice Calling You to Share Your Gifts?

This course is for advanced students of the metaphysical and healing arts who are ready to begin working professionally. In addition to the class lessons, there will be time to trade sessions and learn from each other. The energy of the group builds everyone’s strength and motivation to step out as a professional. A Certificate of Completion is given for attending all classes and completing all homework. Several graduates from past courses are now working successfully in careers that align with their passion and mission.

Join in this class if your are ready to:

  • Be paid for your work
  • Read, heal and counsel with clear intentionality and integrity
  • Feel confident of your ability
  • Enjoy your sessions

This course includes work with:

  • Mission and Vision Statements
  • Neutrality, Protection, & Clearing
  • Marketing and Business Details
  • Clarifying Connection to Guidance
  • Ethics and Special Situations
  • Practice-Practice-Practice

I have been working in metaphysics professionally since 1990.

I appreciated the supportive, sacred atmosphere held by Catherine and the high integrity and commitment of the students attracted to this workshop. The lessons moved forward at a pace perfect for each student, without leaving anyone behind, but were still challenging. I liked the exchange of services and the open forum for suggestions, insights, and observations. I feel ready to step into my Divine Purpose with Confidence and Peace. – Cathy Cordova, June 2006

Catherine, I loved your class. I love how you broke it down into very doable steps. The manual is a valuable reference for practical information. I felt validated and accepted by you and your non-judgmental energy. I gained great insights from your guided meditations. Exchanging energy work was healing. This class has encouraged me and guided me during this time of transition! You have made a big difference in my life. – Laurie Frandsen, June 2006

I was able to clarify my goals. I learned that I do wish to work as a professional. The class experience was very important in terms of support and validation. – Elli Robertson, June 2006

The written materials were outstanding – very clear and succinct. The in-class teaching added and clarified the concepts wonderfully. Finally, the meditation were intelligently and artfully guided – very empowering and enlightening. – Rob Hall, February 2005

I liked setting positive intention by writing mission and vision statements. It made me go within and truthfully ask why I want to be a reader and a healer. I truly enjoyed the workshop. – Minnie Co, February 2005

The class was insightful, empowering, and uplifting. – Judith Mundt, February 2005