Support Groups

Healers’ Support Group
Facilitated by Catherine and Jade Elizabeth
For information about Jade visit:

Do you want to practice in a safe space?

Meeting with friends who are also developing their healing practices, can make all the difference in the world. We are able to encourage each other. And it is always easier if we know we are not alone. The Support Group energy has a “Master-Mind” effect of causing each of us to accomplish more than we thought we could on our own.

Together we will:

    • Give and receive sessions
    • Learn new techniques from other healers
    • Spend an evening with like minded people
    • Bring all our questions, share our new ideas

Pre-requisite(s): This group is open to all trained energy healers.

We meet the first Monday of every month at the Center-For-Transformation, Tustin, California.

Please bring your own linens. You may also bring promotional materials to share. Be sure to check with Jade or Catherine each month before you come.

For dates and times, please see my schedule.

Deepen your understanding of IEH! 
Pre-requisite(s): Any IEH Master Teacher may attend any time.

This is an ongoing class to support the continued development of IEH teaching skills and spiritual growth of IEH Master Teachers.

During a class we may:

  • Share teaching experiences and ideas
  • Problem solve for difficult situations
  • Ask questions about IEH material
  • Review a lesson
  • Practice presenting a lesson (optional)
  • Discuss marketing strategies
  • Trade healings and try new techniques
  • Clear issues with EFT, Hypnotherapy, and Sound Therapy
  • Raise frequencies with new meditations
  • Learn new information from St. Germain