Sound Therapy

Healing Sounds – A Sound Therapy Workshop

I am so excited to share this information with you!

SOUND THERAPY is truly one of the new medicines of the 21st century. It offers an affordable way to improve our health without the cost of prescription drugs and without their negative side effects. This is a way to use the wisdom of your own body to improve the quality of your life!

Your physical body can be cleared, balanced, and nourished by listening to certain sound frequencies on a CD and also by toning those sounds with your own voice. The tones of our own speaking voice naturally activate certain frequencies in our bodies. But most people don’t usually speak in all of the tones of the musical scale. By toning with our voices and by listening to sound therapy, we can energize the parts of our systems that are not normally activated by our voices. This can bring a new level of health and balance to our bodies and our lives.

  • Discover the therapeutic power of your own voice.
  • Learn how each tone of the scale affects your well being.
  • Leave this workshop feeling relaxed, renewed, and refreshed.

I am certified as a Sound Therapy Practitioner by the Miracle Center of California

After listening to the lower body tones (C, C#, D, and D#) for several evenings, I felt a definite increase in my feeling of personal power and my ability to do daily tasks that used to overwheomme. I am now increasing the size of my business and my creativity and my prosperity are soaring!” – R.D., Orange, CA

My hands had been shaking for several weeks and I couldn’t write any longer. After one night with the Sound Therapy CD, the shaking stopped and has been gone since then. – J.D., Santa Rosa, CA