Psychic Development Classes

Next Psychic Development Teleclass  – Reading from the Akashic Records begins November 2, Wednesday 10:00 am to 11:30 am PST, $49 for four classes

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Are You Ready To Develop Your Psychic Ability?

  • Awaken and develop your psychic abilities.
  • Receive an energy attunement to strengthen your psychic abilities.
  • Learn to get clear information for yourself and to give readings to others.
  • Receive a certificate as a Qualified Psychic Reader with attendance of all classes and completion of all homework.

Everyone has the ability to receive extrasensory (psychic) perceptions. Some people are naturally aware of these perceptions. The rest of us can learn to recognize these perceptions with training and practice. In our Psychic Development class you will strengthen your ability to receive psychic information by practicing in a safe and comfortable environment. You will also learn how to receive clear guidance on what the information means. I will be teaching you several formats for receiving and understanding your Highest Guidance.

Knowing how to recognize and understand your extrasensory perceptions can greatly enhance your every day life! You will be able to make your choices with more confidence and achieve the results you desire.

I am a graduate of Psychic Horizons, San Francisco, California.

The caring love and gentleness with which the class was led to give readings for each other are beyond words to express. I will miss the class and the wonderful people. – Karen, April 2006

When I gave a reading, I amazed myself every time I got something right – like a kid in a candy store. A wonderful class! It very much opened my eyes to things I thought I never had or I thought were only natural for everyone else. Thank you Catherine for showing me another aspect of myself and helping me believe in myself. – Laila, April 2006

I learned that I really can do it! Wow! Your wonderful non-judgmental style allows for each person’s input. I learned from the group as well as from you – a good combo. Thank you! Thank you! – Janet, April 2006

I liked learning different protocols for giving readings which I can use with different clients. I will build this class experience into my healing work. I loved the experience. – Niles, April 2006

Advanced Psychic Development
Learn To Use The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records exist in a field of energy where all information for all people for all time is stored. By developing your psychic skills, you can learn to access these records and use the information for yourself in a practical and beneficial way.

  • Learn about soul contracts
  • Explore past lives
  • Discover your gifts and talents
  • Receive a certificate as an Advanced Psychic Reader

Excellent, inspiring, and rewarding are adjectives that do not come close to describing the profound effect the Akashic Records course had on me. Through guided meditation, I was able to view a past life and apply the lessons to my current life. If you are seeking a path of continued growth, then Catherine’s course is a must. – Rev. Niles Bughman, Reiki Master/Teacher, Fall 2005