Living Abundance

Learn to fulfill your desires and manifest your dreams!

We live in a universe of abundance, not scarcity. Abundance is our birthright as humans, and we can learn to create it, receive it, and own it. What we believe, however, influences what we create for ourselves in this reality.

  • Learn the twelve powerful steps of manifesting
  • Clear old limiting beliefs and programming
  • Work with symbols in the field of Pure Potentiality
  • Experience the Law of Attraction working for you
  • Be prepared to do your homework and see amazing changes in your life!

This popular class is well known for profound results and personal transformation.

Your manifesting class was so very powerful. This weekend we moved into the new house. Everything happened just as manifested. It is a beautiful and powerful process. Thank you for teaching me. – Kay Hocking, DCH, Ph.D., February 2005

I found Catherine’s course to be the single most effective tool in moving to the next phase of my spiritual growth. The insights and revelations I received as part of the process literally have changed my life. I received the gifts of discernment and focus so I really could attain my desires step by step. – Beth Caswell, 2003

I had a wonderful experience taking Catherine’s Manifesting Class. It was really fun and also very inspiring for me. In the beginning of the class I identified that I really wanted to increase my financial resources so that I could travel more. I decided to work on an increase in my annual income of $20,000.00 or more to ensure I could do the traveling I wanted to do.

Following the guidance of Catherine, and using the techniques she trained us to do, made my dreams come true. I reached my goal before the end of the course in ways I had not even imagined! To say the least I was surprised and excited that it could all occur so quickly for me.

Aside from my amazing results, I loved the class. Every week I left feeling full of energy and positive thoughts about what possibilities were available to me. I often felt like I did as a child, when I daydreamed and visualized that all things were possible. I loved hearing the other members talk about their dreams and aspirations and I know everyone felt this class was life changing for them. I really believe that there are no accidents in what appears in your life. If you are reading this testimonial it must be the time for you to also reach out to the world of possibilities and manifest your dreams. – Sincerely, Julie Russell, Ladera Ranch, CA., April 2007

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