Intuitive Drawing Classes

Awaken Your Inner Knowing! Pre-requisite(s):No previous drawing experience is needed.

  • Do you doodle when you’re thinking of something else?
  • Do you enjoy color, want to begin drawing, or energize your creativity in general?
  • Do you want to take your spiritual awareness to a new level?

This workshop is for you! Without effort, you will open to and activate your creativity and receive guidance from your own Higher Self as I channel Divine Love to you throughout the workshop. I will lead you through simple steps to create your own personal Healing Energy Drawing.

Amazing! Had no idea I’d learn so much about myself. I plan to use this experience to explore my creativity, get guidance (particularly when feeling blocked), and to draw for clients if I feel a visual cue would help with their healing journey. – Anne Reith, April 2006

Our class was wonderful. Messages came in such an easy and unambiguous way. The magic is that the process you have us go through enables us to access our Higher Self effortlessly, which is great! – Catherine G., May 2004

I enjoyed playing with the crayons and did not feel pressured to produce a finished product. It was very exciting to see the images I came up with in the class. – Charlene, April 2006

Expand your Intuition and Creativity! Pre-requisite(s): Open to everyone who has taken Intuitive Drawing I.

  • Learn to work with pastels
  • Take your energy to a higher frequency and your creativity to a new level
  • Use energy drawings to clear and energize your chakras

The most valuable thing I learned was to connect to the Artist’s Universe. I loved the Cycle of Creativity and will use and refer to that again! I plan to use this class experience to further my career and have fun with my art. – Janet Crowther, April 2006

The most valuable things I learned were to trust my intuition and how to blend the pastels. – Emily, April 2006

Expand your Psychic and Channeling Abilities! Pre-requisite(s): Open to everyone who has taken Intuitive Drawing II.

  • Learn more drawing tips
  • Channel drawings from Angels, Masters, and Guides
  • Trade Energy Drawing Readings with classmates

I learned that Intuitive Drawing is fun and that I CAN DO IT!!!!! The part of class I liked best was doing the Drawing Readings for each other. – BK Kellerman, April 2006

I learned that it’s possible to receive messages from departed pets and relatives, my Higher Self, and faeries, dolphins and angels, that it can be healing to connect with them, and that it’s possible to get messages through symbolic art. The parts of the class I liked best were connecting with my Grandmother and with my cat – so healing! I needed to grieve more. I also liked meeting other people who were open and had similar experiences to mine. – Emily, November 2002.

Explore Sacred Geometry and Symbols! Pre-requisite(s): Open to everyone who has taken Intuitive Drawing III.

  • Develop your own personal power symbols

This Symbol Workshop was, for me, a very important step towards self-discovery and expression. Exploring symbols and their meanings (to each of us as individuals) led me to answer the question, “what am I truly seeking?” And then I found the most creative way in which to remind myself of my journey. All this was especially “Fun”! Thanks Catherine, for your wisdom, knowledge, and guidance, all presented in a fun and spiritual/soothing/peaceful/safe environment. – Shoal, August 2007