Confirmation of Ordination Ceremony & Attunement

Are you called to be of service to others?

This attunement brings you to the spiritual vibrational level of Reverend and helps you own the space of Ordained (or Licensed) Minister. This ceremony is for practitioners, readers, healers, and coaches who have obtained ordination papers through an online church, and are ordained legally, but not necessarily spiritually.

  • Clear out old energy patterns concerning religion, ministry, and belief
  • Receive the transference of the spiritual frequency of Minister
  • Commit to being of service in alignment with your Spiritual Path
  • Receive a Certificate of Confirmation

When I attended Catherine’s Confirmation of Ordination Ceremony and Attunement, my life changed. I went from just having a minister’s license to actually feeling and knowing that I am a minister and I am here to be of service. I highly recommend this ceremony to everyone who holds a minister’s license.  Rev. April Louis