What is a Spiritual Pathfinder?

As a Spiritual Pathfinder, I give you the confidence, direction, teachings, and energetic support you need to discover your own Life Path. Walking your Life Path means you are answering the calling you feel in your heart. Your heart is always gently asking you to share your gifts with the world. Each and every person has a unique set of gifts. And if those gifts are not shared, there is an emptiness where they would have been.

So I create a safe space in which you can find the door or gateway to your Life Path. I hold the door or gateway open for you and you can decide whether or not to step through, walk the Life Path designed for you by your Soul, and share your Light with the world.

To walk our Life Paths, we each need to be fully present in our physical bodies. We also need to be able to access our own highest truth and clear information. We have heard that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. But very few of us have been taught how to function in our bodies as spiritual beings, to discover what our gifts are, and then to be empowered to share them with others.

For over twenty years, I have been guiding spiritual beings to be joyfully present in their physical bodies, to listen to their highest guidance, and to fully develop their skills and talents. My students have said that I am an expert in making the invisible world of energy useful and understandable, that my teaching is inspired, clear, and gentle, and that I am gifted at creating safe space that supports personal healing and spiritual growth. They say my humor, wisdom and loving nature create a warm accepting environment.

I find that my clients and students feel valued, relaxed, and energized. Their own unique abilities are awakened and activated, their hearts relax and open, they are peaceful and calm because they feel safe, and they are confident of their choices and decisions. As your Spiritual Pathfinder, I guide you to find your own spiritual direction, and empower you to walk your Life Path with enthusiasm.