How did you come to be doing this work?

That is the question I am asked most often. I had two major times of transition in my life that moved me from being “asleep” to where I am now. Until 1985, I had for the most part, a normal life. I married young, raised two wonderful children, studied art, and owned a graphic design business.

My first wake up call was the total upheaval of my life triggered by divorce and cancer. Obviously it was time for change! In the process of walking a path of personal healing, I studied at Psychic Horizons, a school for clairvoyant training, run by the Church of Natural Grace in San Francisco. In 1989 I graduated and became a minister of the church. Those years of study were an exciting time for me. As I healed physically and grew more metaphysically aware, the world, which had seemed so dull and painful, became alive and beautiful. It was a difference as dramatic as going from black and white to full color –– like Dorothy stepping into the Land of Oz.

The second call came in 1991. I was standing with a group of about fifty people, at sunrise on a mesa in New Mexico. We had come from many different places around the world –– each of us independently called to gather at that time and place. You can read a wonderful account of the event, and of the power and challenges of following one’s own persona guidance, in the book “Mesa,” by Pamela Cameron, Luminaria Press. Each of us experienced something different that morning. It was transformational for me. I felt an incredible surge of energy and lightness, a merging of heaven and earth, of spirit and physical, all within my body.

After that time, I became aware of a new level of energy running through me, and I began to do hands on healings and intuitive energy drawings. I also developed a passion for teaching others to hear, trust, and act on the guidance and information from their own Higher Selves. I believe that my life, like yours, is guided and blessed on a daily basis. I am committed to continuously stretch to reach my full potential, to live my soul’s destiny, and to support my friends, family, students, clients, and our Earth Community to do the same.